Off to the races again...

It’s been nine months since the release of my debut novel, Lost Until You. Despite a few bumps in the road, the experience has been amazing. Most of all, it has left me with that excited feeling to do it all over again. Although I’m parting ways with Evernight Publishing, whom I’m so grateful to for introducing Camryn and Cole to the world, my journey continues with a new publisher, Wild Rose Press. I signed on the dotted line and now, it’s off to the races again! See you all at the finish line!

Farewell to the Dog Days of Summer...

Being a teacher, I truly value every second of summer. It means more time with my kids and husband, endless beach days, sun-kissed skin, and a break from the grind. It’s October 8th today, and for one month, I’m back in the grind again. The grind of lesson planning, grading papers, taxi-driving my kids to every activity, and preparing for my next release. Where did those long days of summer go? The ones where we woke up late, changed from our pajamas to bathing suits, and back to pajamas again? The days where the smell of sunscreen wafted through the house, where sand was suck in our ears and between our toes, where the biggest decision was what kind of sandwiches should we pack in the cooler? Well, I declare today that I’m taking some of that back. Farewell to those dog days of summer, but today, on October 8th, I’m getting back to doing what I love!


Oh! What a Month!

Wow! As a teacher, summer vacation has always been my down time. It's a break from lesson planning, grading papers, and dealing with middle school dilemmas. However, now as an author, it's a summer squeezing in time between beach days and my kids' summer camps to write my new work in progress, visiting local book stores for signings, and promoting the book that's already released. Farewell to the lazy days of summer, and to be honest, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Late Night Writing Rocks

Summer's here and I'm In a late night writing mood! Here's a little teaser of what's to come ... 
"The horn blows, and my attention draws back to the beach where the run times are being displayed, placing Dusty in first ahead in his heat. He is holding his fist up in the air as he makes his way to shore. I see Gavin on his way down to congratulate him, Camryn catching my eye as she follows behind him. Just as I step out of the tent to join them, I peek back to grab Heidi's hand to drag her down to the celebration, but her attention isn't on Dusty. She's staring off in the distance towards the rock jetty, and there looking back at her is a part of our past who won't seem to leave us alone. Anger with a twang of worry stir within me - Liam's definitely not here for the victory party. "


What a few busy, amazing weeks since Lost Until You released on April 26th! So grateful for my publisher, Evernight, for making it happen. Also, to the bloggers, reviewers, and individuals who spread the word of release. Now I'm gearing up for my first signing and it's right here in my hometown of New Jersey. Check it out and feel free to stop by for some good, small town fun! Now it's time to get back to book two in the series! Cole is almost ready for you to hear his story!

Spring snow doesn't always suck!


In the suburbs of Philly today, you would never know it is day two of spring. It began with sleet, and now just snow falling and blanketing the area. Schools were called off last night and another day was taken off of Spring Break to make up for yet another snow cancellation. So, all in all, I was down in the dumps, figuring out how to catch up on the tests I was scheduled to give my students today, and keeping my own kids busy and occupied at home. But then, I opened my email and there it was ... my cover mock-up for Lost Until You. I'm pretty sure a few inches of snow melted when I opened it up! It is HOT, HOT, HOT! So, looking out the window at that cold, white stuff on a spring day doesn't seem to bad!